Why Dubai is synonymous with luxury cars

Here in Dubai some of the priciest luxury cars in the world can be easily found and seen parked at traffic lights or roaming the streets. The parking lots outside of shopping centers are home to some of the most expensive and fashionable luxury and supercars. The newest supercars are readily accessible for hire at any car rental business. As an ex-pat you will be awestruck by Cheap Lamborghini rental Dubai or Rolls Royce will be there for you giving you the opportunity to make a statement. Let's try to figure out the reasons for the popularity of luxury vehicles in the city of gold.

It is simple and quick to get a car loan

How do people in Dubai manage to afford supercars? The answer is straightforward. Numerous banks in Dubai provide low-interest auto loans with reasonable repayment terms of three to five years. In Dubai, auto loans have interest rates that begin at just 3.2% annually.

Income Tax is Low

Anything you earn in the UAE is fully yours because there is no income tax. Just 5% of all purchases are subject to value-added tax (VAT). As a result, people have more spare funds.

Well maintained Roads

The UAE's well-managed and secure road conditions are another significant element. The streets are well-lit and kept up. There are no uneven, bumpy roads or potholes on the highways. Why not treat yourself to something lovely that you can enjoy while driving there?

Affluent Population

The vast majority of people in Dubai enjoy a higher standard of living than the rest of the globe. With such a standard of living, you can afford extraordinary things. Luxury cars, no doubt, are a status symbol and so many people like to maintain a high status here.

Availability of used cars

When purchasing brand new, luxury, or sports automobiles in the UAE is typically pricey, but they lose value quite quickly during the first two years. Say you spend Dh390,000 to purchase a brand-new Porsche. After just two to three years, this automobile is available for Dh250,000. In Dubai, most foreigners will spend far less on a used car.

Fuel is reasonably priced

In contrast to many other countries around the world, the price of gasoline in the UAE is quite reasonable. Since filling up your tank doesn't break the bank, most individuals don't give gas pricing any thought when buying a car.

Car theft and other crimes are uncommon

The safety of the UAE is without a doubt the greatest thing about living there. Vehicle theft and vandalism are never a concern for anyone. The majority of people in this country have a high quality of living, and the law protects UAE citizens. In some other nations, luxury vehicles are keyed or damaged out of jealousy.

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