What makes Rolls Royce different than other luxury cars

Rolls Royce is the dream car of many admirers. It is the epitome of style, comfort, and luxury. It is the choice of elite riders for an elite experience. If you are on a visit to Dubai and want to attend your evening gala in the lavish car, you would find the services of many car rentals. However, for the Rolls Royce, you require the services of the best Supercar Rental Dubai.

The modern world is largely dominated by brand names. The brand you use for your appearance becomes your identity for the rest of your life. Rolls Royce is a big name in the world of luxury cars and enjoys a huge fan base in Dubai. The lovers of luxury cars are preferred to use the same vehicle even if they are touring outside the country. This is where the services of a car rental come in handy. Here are the reasons why you should prefer opting Rolls Royce to mark your entry;

Sleek design

Rolls Royce comes in sleek designs in all of its models. Whether you are using Phantom, Cullinan, Ghost, wraith, or Dawn, all the models promise a unique eye-catching design. The vehicle quickly draws the attention of the passers-by as soon as it hits the road. It is a car owned by many celebrities around the globe and is perfect to mark your style.

Fancy Interiors

When it comes to the interior, Rolls Royce is far superior to the rest of luxury cars. The rich materials of wood and leathers are fitted together flawlessly to spell the magic that Rolls Royce has to cast. The interior of the car reflects the skills of true craftsmanship. The seats are made using expensive leather with a perfect seamless surface. The floor mats are tailor-made using plush lambswool and are designed to serve for years. You can be in the car for hours but won’t get tired because of its richness and in comfort and design. The quality is maintained throughout the interiors and you wouldn’t spot the use of a single substandard material.

Suicide Doors

Rolls Royce has several distinctive features in the variety of its vehicles. The much-loved model Wraith comes with the feature of automatic doors, termed as coach-doors by Rolls Royce but popularly known as the suicide doors. They are equipped with sensors to detect the movement approach. The cars are laced with modern technology and you can enjoy several automated features of the car during the ride.

Spirit of Ecstasy

The spirit of Ecstasy is what completes the magnificent vehicle. Perched above the iconic grille, the popular symbol has become the trademark of all the Rolls Royce vehicles. It can be controlled automatically and can be lowered back into the surface while on the move. Find the best Rolls Royce Hire Dubai and enjoy the fulfilling experience of roaming in a luxury car.