What makes Dubai Luxury Cars so special?

Several car rental companies are working in Dubai but many factors make the client choose us. Dubai Luxury Cars is a great Luxury Car Rental Company in Dubai that offers a huge variety of exotic luxury cars for lease. It is an incredible facility for those visiting Dubai for the short on long-term to make their stay enjoyable and comfortable. Here is why Dubai Luxury Cars are better than others.


At Dubai Luxury Cars, we have a versatile fleet featuring top-notch supercars available for economical rates. Whether you are looking for Audi, Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Bentley, we have got them in our fleet. Other than the brand name, you can also pick a supercar according to your need. For instance, if you need a comfortable and powerful four-seater SUV for some road adventure, then we have got you Nissan Patrol, Bentley Bentayga, etc. if you just want to enjoy a speedy thrill in a stunning sports car then we have got you the most popular, Lamborghini Aventador.

Economical Packages

Supercars are for those who don’t hesitate to spend money on a luxury. However, we don’t like to cash on what our clients love the most. We present some exciting deals to make your stay in Dubai most comfortable and well set in the budget. Our monthly car leases enable the clients to use supercars without thinking about the budget twice. Monthly car leases are a great way to control over expenses of daily car hire.

Car Pick & Drop

The thing about supercars is that they come with style, comfort, and luxury. You don’t need to visit the showroom to get a car. At Dubai Luxury Cars, we ensure you don’t have to go after the cars. Just make the booking online or on call and you will receive the car right at your location. And once your lease is over and if you don’t wish to continue, our agents will come to pick up the car.


Supercars without proper maintenance are a total waste. No one likes to drive a Lamborghini with dented rear and scratches on the body. Maintenance has a great role to play supercar rental industry. Since the cars are in use by different users, sometimes the cars sustain stains in the interior or faults in the system. However, our efficient staff thoroughly checks and cleans the car before handing it over to the next customer. We guarantee that you will get a well-maintained supercar with its original glow and shine.

24/7 Assistance

Lastly but importantly, we don’t ghost our clients. Once you have acquired our services, we are here round the clock and throughout the week. Whether you need road assistance, have queries, make changes in the package or anything, just call us and we are readily available to listen to you.

In nutshell, Dubai Luxury Cars is the ideal place for the Best supercar rental Dubai. For prices, bookings, and queries, contact us right away.