Maintenance checklist for your Ferrari

Once you have taken a ride in Ferrari, you will fall in love with it forever. If you want to experience a ride in Ferrari, call Dubai Luxury Cars to get you a brand-new Ferrari for a day or however you want. The car rental gives you a chance to experience a day in your dream car and helps you in decision-making in buying a new car. Just like any other luxury car, your superior Ferrari also has to be in pristine condition. You have to treat it with utmost care to keep it secure and maintain its market value. You have to follow a proper mechanism of maintenance to keep your Ferrari in the best condition. Whether you are an owner of Ferrari or sought Ferrari car hire Dubai to experience the ride, you have to ensure its maintenance. Instead of going to car service, you can follow this checklist to ensure your luxury car remains in the best shape while in your use.


You must ensure the tires of your luxury cars have enough air pressure and are aligned properly. It is also suggested to rotate the tires of your car at least every 6,000 miles. You can also ask your mechanic to check the tires to see for faults. Faults handled at the initial stage can prevent the bigger and expensive faults at a later stage.

Oil and Fluids

Your car should have sufficient oil in it. Follow the car manual of Ferrari to know how frequently change the oil is in your car. You also need to keep an eye on the level of different fluids in the car such as brake fluid, power-steering fluid, fluid for automatic transition, and, of course, fluid for your windshield wipers. Moreover, you should know that you cannot use just random products for your car. Invest in those fluids only that are made for the Ferrari use.

Car Lights

To keep a Ferrari, you have to maintain its appearance. The damaged front or rear lights can severely hurt the look of the car as well as make it dangerous to use it on the road. If you spot a light that is out, don’t hesitate to consult the mechanic to get it fixed quickly.


The battery in any car is primarily responsible for breaking down the car. You have to ensure that the battery of your Ferrari is well in condition. Whenever you go out to car service, get your car battery checked to ensure it is well in condition.


You can’t keep a Ferrari with unclean or worse, chipped glass. Keep the glass clean and look for chipped glass to get it fixed as soon as you notice one.


It’s the basic rule of car maintenance. Whether you own the car or seek a Ferrari car hire Dubai, you have to keep it clean and shiny. The unclean Ferrari may work fine, but it is not for a luxury car to look flat and unclean. So, make sure to clean it from dust and debris. To get the best car rental deals, don’t forget to call Dubai Luxury Cars today.