5 historical place to visit in Dubai

Dubai has earned the repute in the world for its luxurious and largest shopping malls, tallest skyscrapers, and lavish lifestyle. Little do outsiders know that Dubai has to offer some great historical places to visit too. It represents an incredible story of how rapidly the city transformed from a traditional small desert village to one of the world’s most modern and lavish cities only in a few decades. While there are hard-to-find ancient places to visit in the heart of Dubai, the outskirts of the city are full of historical sites. You can seek the services of Luxury Car Rental Company in Dubai to visit the outskirts in a comfortable vehicle and explore what lies beyond Dubai. Since Dubai is primarily located around a desert, the path to the outskirts of the city is full of dust and sand. Therefore, it is important to opt for a comfortable and Cheap exotic car rental Dubai to make your journey easy and less tiring. In this post, we will share five historic places that you must visit in Dubai.

Old Town

As the name indicates, the old town is an old part of the city home to native residents of the land. The town is full of markets, local cuisine, traditional souks, local art, Arabian Tea houses, etc. the area is the best illustration of the life of an ordinary local in Dubai. It is the best way to get a glimpse of the Arabian culture and heritage

Al Fahidi Neighborhood

Al Fahidi historical neighborhood presents a contrast to the shiny and luxurious life of mainland Dubai. The neighborhood is from an ancient time however it has been rebuilt and restored in recent times for visitors to explore the area. The area also houses the famous Dubai Museum, coffee museum, a textile market, Sheikh Muhammad Center for Cultural Understanding, Al Bidya Mosque, among many other notables.

Village of Hatta

Hatta is a small village located in the Hajjar Mountains on the outskirts of Dubai. The area has several historical forts, mosques, citadels, etc. that narrate the tale of the life of ancient folk in Dubai. The houses are built in old-fashioned style with large courtyards, and markets full of metal works, jewelry, pottery, clothes, and so on.

Jumeirah Archaeological Site

Jumeriah Archeological Site is a popular historical site built between the 9th and 11th centuries. The area carries some of the oldest trade routes the traders used to opt to import and export goods to/from different countries.

Saruq Al-Hadid

Saruq Al Hadid is another famous archeology museum that tells the story of discovering a most exciting area that led to the basis of the center of all metalwork in Dubai. The museum is enriched with several discoveries from the past and provides a great deal of information to the visitors.

Now that you have the basic idea about the most sought-after historical places in Dubai, hire a comfortable vehicle from a Cheap exotic car rental Dubai and explore what Dubai has to offer.